Oddly Not Tired

I am currently at the Charlotte airport. The flight here was uneventful, with the exception that Butterfinger (the dog) was panting so hard I thought her lungs were going to fall out and her heart was going to burst. It is 4:24 Pacific Time, but on the East Coast the sun has risen. Everyone around seems at least mildly awake. Except for Bulent, who is currently sleeping. At least I hope he is getting to sleep. The position looks so uncomfortable that the only way he could stand it would to be unconscious.

I would also like to take a moment to be outraged. Outraged! I flew on Southwest a few weeks ago and it was $4 for a beer or glass of wine. On US Airways it was $2 for a effing soda and $7 for an alcoholic beverage. SEVEN DOLLARS! I could get a glass of wine in a nice restaurant for that, or decent bottle. Seven dollars! ?! I couldn’t bring myself to spend that amount of money for such sub par glass of wine. And now I am in Charlotte, and it is too early/late to drink. While it is still nighttime for me, the sun is now up and even I am not that big a lush.