War of the Aphids!

A few weeks ago, my flowers were looking a little droopy, so I gave them so flower food.  Then we went away for a few days and when I returned…Aphids had taken over.   aphids2

There were black ones ALL over my chrysanthemums and little green ones all over my petunias.  The internet said to spray them down with a hose…except my are on the balcony, and then treat them with some anti-aphid spray. 

What I ended up doing is treating the infected flowers with a spray of water, oil and soap.  Then, I hauled all the flowers, one at a time…into my tub.  That’s right, each one of my flowers was given a spray down in my tub.  The only option for a high pressure wash.  I then quarantined the infected flowers on my second balcony.  The flowers were treated to three rounds of the water/oil mix and tub spray.  It has been a couple of weeks now, and it seems like the aphids have been defeated.  My goal was to have the plants healthy by the the time I left for the U.S. for the summer, so that my friend’s maid who is watering them, would be able to take care of them easily.   Knock on wood…but it looks like it happened right on time.  I leave tomorrow.