Return of the Profanity

You all know I am not afraid of words, specifically profanity.  From my last post, I apparently am not worried about talking about potties either.  As I have owned up to my potty mouth, I would like to tell you about a hotel here in town.  Hotel Devamli.  If you speak Turkish, you know where I am going with this,  I am sorry. If you don’t know Turkish, but don’t care for profanity, this post is not for you.

Now that I have learned a bit of Turkish I am learning to break down words, like a good student.  Let’s practice together.  We will use the following as an example.

devamli entrance_j

Looks nice right?  The name is taken from the last name of the original owner.  However, if you looked at it linguistically, it becomes an interesting phrase.

Let’s Break it down.  Devamli splits into three separate words.

Dev: Means gigantic, monster, or colossus.

Am: pussy–not the cat.

Li: means with or having.

That is right.  The name translates into Hotel With a Giant Pussy.  I am feeling positively enlightened with my new language skills.