Soccer Enthusiasts=An Understatement

I went to a Cimbom game at a pub. While I was aware soccer is more popular here, I did not realized to what extent. When there were bad plays there was groaning. When there were good plays they were applauded. And when there was a goal, this happened….
People were singing in unison, clapping, hugging, and cheering
Ultimately Cimbom lost, people were despondent.

And of course we were sad too!

Mass Riots

Well Maybe not a Riot, but there was a disturbance outside my window on Thursday. Cars were honking, flags flown out their windows. There were men singing in unison while marching down the streets wearing matching uniforms and waving flags. There were shouts and cries from neighboring apartments.

All in unison

Was there a coup? A new government? I asked Bülent what was going on. The answer was: Cimbom (pronounced JIM- Bom) It is a Turkish soccer team. They won a game against Bordeaux, a French team. This was cause for Cimbom fans to celebrate.

At least now I know, and next time there is a soccer game and a public response I won’t be frightened…much.