All Errands Done=No Deportation

Yesterday was a busy day. You know errands, those inconsequental things, well sometimes they are inportant. Maybe boring, but important.

Like our first task, getting Bülent’s second chest film to ensure he does not have tuberculosis. Which Yay! He doesn’t, it was just that his pneumonia was so advanced and far spread throughout his lungs like it looked like TB. Task two, getting my residency permit, so that I wont get deported because my visa expires on Monday. I am now legal. It was pretty intersting, to get it we had to go to the Police Station there were about 10 steps in the process, so I was kind of like a treasure hunt, running from one office from another. I love the Turkish system. Everything is negotiable. At one point we were asked for bank statements proving I had enouogh money to support myself through the time I would be staying in the country, which we didn’t have. Bülent was prepared and brought a fair amount of liras, and asked the Officer if it would be acceptable to show him how much money he had in his wallet. It was and it worked. Fantastic!