San Diego = Weather Utopia

And I am no longer there. The weather was amazing over the weekend. Drop Dead Amazing. But Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were not. It was raining on and off the whole time. And the clouds were dark, and ominous, so much so that they made the storm that carried Dorothy away look like a sunny day. So when it finally stopped raining, I decided to take my poor, bored, (I.haven’’, dog our for a walk. We had been outside for about 2 minutes when we were attacked.

Yeah that’s right! Assaulted! Those bad ass black clouds started pelting us. With Hail. My dog is not fond of snow, or rain, and apparently really hates getting hit by hail. It stung.
And we were still bored.

Butterfinger more so because she doesn’t read. She finds that it strains her eyes.

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