Apologies for Interrupted Transmission

Long time no write! Bülent came back from the military on the 22nd! It has been busy ever since. Especially since apparently he came back with military orders to take out any Ex-Pats who cross his path. He used the weapons of sleep deprivation and germ warfare. He came back sick. Between the chest racking coughs (which kept me up) or the apprently high contagiousness, he pretty much took me out.. It was bad. When his uncle, who is a doctor, looked at him he was not pleased. Bülent had bronchitis edging towards pneumonia. Thankfully some good drugs and some bed rest have turned things around.

Another new development from the military would be HAIR. Specifically Bülent’s. Ever since I met him he has shaved his head. I the military the showers were only open twice a day for two hours. All ten stalls, for 2000 men. So apparently keeping up with the head shave was not a priority. Which is fantastic, because he is adorable with hair. I think we will keep it.

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