It is amusing that I discovered Jesus in a nation of Islam. Do you remember Tulumba or “If Jesus was a Baker?” Well, today I found Kitir, or “If Jesus was a Butcher.” I have had Kokoreç before. But this place is AMAZING. It is kind of a hole in the wall. But one of those great places that will never go out of business, because they put food first and decor last. I had two 1/4 sandwiches today. Which means instead of a huge big sandwich they take the bread and literately cut off a quarter of it to make you a sandwich. Perfect, nice and small, because I wanted two. I had Kokoreç which is ridiculous. The absolute BEST Kokoreç you will ever have in your life. Then I have media tava, fried mussels with a Turkish tartar sauce. Also super delicious.
This is right about when I found religion. And it tasted good.
News on the Tech Front: If you had subscribed to my RSS Feed it has moved so you will have to Update your subscription. All two of you. Hi Mom, Hi Dad. And if you haven’t, go ahead. Do it!

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