We Need New Curtains

Because I burned the old ones. While they were hanging on the wall. I set the house ON FIRE. Not my house. Bülent’s parents’ house, the summer home they are graciously sharing. I am clumsy, but usually I just hurt myself. Bülent’s parents are incredibly busy right now because they have just bought a new summer home, one that will fit them, their adult children and their partners. They are in the process of rehabbing it, and preparing to sell their current home. They are busy because they wanted us all to have enough space to have beautiful, peaceful, vacations. And in return, I set their house on fire. In my defense, it was just the curtains, and I was cooking dinner for them, so that they would have a nice meal when they came home. But still, on the list of gifts for your hosts, a houseful of smoke is not normally high on the list. Thankfully I managed to stop it before the whole curtain was on fire. It was just then end bits that were flaming, when I started smacking it with my wooden spoon. Then I tried to blow it out (Really? Did I pass third grade science?) I caught myself being an idiot so I smothered it with my wooden spoon and my hands until I could get Bülent to bring water. Looking at the curtain, not only are they black from char marks, but they have tomato stains from the spoon I used to put out the fire. I did manage not to burn dinner, for which they were eternally grateful. They were so happy that dinner was ready after such a long day of errands that they didn’t even mind I had set the kitchen on fire.

6 thoughts on “We Need New Curtains

  1. haha jules, i’m glad i made it through one whole year of living with you alive. now i know why kate gave us those stern looks about having our candle room scenter lit…

  2. I don't know why, but this reminded me of the time you got into a fight with gravity and those lockers in Berlin.

  3. Oh I KNOW! Crushed by lockers. House set on fire. There was also that train ride where I fell off the ladder from the top.

  4. OMG, thank you for commenting on my blog, because now I've found yours and am ADDICTED! How cool that you are in Turkey!!!

  5. I nearly burned up my kitchen when I tried to create a flambe dessert. Some of brandy had spilled on the counter and in the drawers.. and whoooz! blue flames everywhere.. the first thought is.. oh what a bother and then.. oh shit!

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