He Rocks My Socks

We have been together for five years, and every night is still like a slumber party.  He still opens doors for me and carries my bags.  It is just how he is.  In the beginning, I was not old enough to go to bars with him.  He  bought me my first legal drink.  When he learned I was a feminist he took me on a date to see Benazir Bhutto speak.  In the grungy student apartment in Cambridge, he braved the kitchen to make me breakfast in bed every Saturday.

When I went back to school at night, and was working full time during the day, he made me breakfast and packed me a lunch and dinner.  Every. Day.  When I need to cry he hands me a tissue, holds me until I am done and pours me a glass of wine.  If we don’t have wine, he will go out and buy it.

Today is his day, and it will be a good one.

Happy Birthday Aşkım, the 5th together so far, with many more to come.


With lots of love, from me, and Butterfinger.

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