Officially an Expat

I don’t know whether the adjective expat seems cool or obnoxious.  But that is now what I am, no longer on extended vacation.  I am now officially an American living abroad!  Or “yabanci” as Turkish call it…  To summarize, my fiancé is a Turkish American and we came to Turkey 6 months ago to experience his native culture.

Bulent and I came to Turkey in February for several reasons…

To complete his compulsory military duty, introduce me to his culture, language, and family.  It was also an early extended honeymoon, where we got to travel extensively.  We were also keeping our eyes out for career opportunities

We were going to stay for a few months as a trial period, I had never been to Turkey and wanted to see if I was comfortable here.  It has been a phenomenal trip, I have experienced Turkish food and hospitality in spades, and have started learning the language.    We had some opportunities in both Turkey and the US, and for different reasons when we evaluated the situation it made more sense to live in Turkey, for now.   Bulent is applying for jobs and I have  accepted a job at a prestigious prep school.

It was a hard decision, I will miss my friends and family in the U.S. tremendously.  I will have to start all over again in a country where I do not know the language.  There will be challenges, however there will also be excitement.

I will be immersed in a new culture and language, and with study will be able to become fluent.  This is the time to take advantage of our situation and enjoy being young and unencumbered.  And we are doing it.  How many people get to do this?   It is an exciting adventure and I am so glad it has started.

TR Family Vacay 341

Just the right mix, looking for adventure, but trying not to fall off the wall and down the cliff.

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1 thought on “Officially an Expat

  1. Sounds so exciting, great opportunity. You are so spot-on, now is the time to explore the world while you are unencumbered. Also, I would love to be an ex-pat for awhile…:) And the photo is beautiful!

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