The Holy Trinity

Sept 013

Frosty cold beer, Kokoreç and Midye Tava sandwiches. These were mine. In my defense the midye tava (mussel) sandwich was 1/4 size and the Kokoreç was a 1/2 size.

Sept 010

Check out the full size sandwich in his hand! Massive. We had just worked out for an hour and a half—so clearly wanted to replace those calories as soon as possible.

Sept 014 Look at that smile. So Happy. Lamb intestines, beer and fried shellfish. It’s like I found God, in the holy trinity. My holy trinity. And I did.

4 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity

  1. Looking closely at the eyebrows…. hmmm……Sandwiches looked really yummy until you said what was in them. I didn't need to know that. I don't do so good thinking about eating intestines. Of course, I'd probably love it. So when we come to visit and you serve these… just tell me it's like an american hot dog. Don't ask, just enjoy. Notice the subtleness there. The part about the visit. grin.I think it's great that you've joined my daughter's blog as a contributor. I've been meaning to say welcome.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! You made me smile.Not sure I could stomach the mussel sandwiches… They looked good until you said what they were, I must agree with Seren Dippity's comment.But the beer, sure thing! You both look pretty happy, though, so it must have been a delicious meal!

  3. Questionable meats!!! I loved Turkey but when I visited I was just reintroducing meat back into my diet! I had a few vomitously close calls. The chicken was the only food safe for my tummy. All the other meats were too mysterious and too alive (okay maybe it was just that one raw meat dish)! I love the blog! I will probably experiment with some of your recipes also.

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