Osseous Gluteus Maximititus

I have a condition.  It is not life threatening but can be painful.  I have always had this condition, however, recently it has been exacerbated.  I have lost about ten pounds since I moved to Turkey.  I think it is because I am eating less processed food, and walking more.  Anyway, this loss has intensified a previous condition–Osseous Gluteus Maximititus.  The other term for this condition would be “Bony Butt” syndrome.   Many mothers are chronic sufferers of severe pain due to this condition.  It occurs when an individual sits on your lap and their (watch out scientific terms ahead) “bony butts” dig into your thighs.  Ouch.   Bulent recently has been complaining about this terrible condition. 

012  This is his face when I sit on his lap.  He says my behind is more bony than usual.  Also my elbows—(when I dig them into his ribs when he is sleeping.)  The only way to save oneself from this discomfort is to abstain—from lap sitting.  Or gain weight.  I guess I will just have to sit next to him instead of on him.  Though I would like some chocolate cookies.

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