Swine Flu Vacation

Last week school was cancelled in Ankara due to Swine Flu precautions.  So we went to Antalya in southern Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean.  We had a fantastic time, though I did come down with a fever—though not Swine Flu.Antalya

The Antalya coast line.  Can you see the Taurus mountains in back?  They are so gorgeous, craggy and sharp.  They loom over the coast and are very visually interesting against the blue sea.


We also visited Kaleiçi, an area in Antalya, which has charming cobblestone streets and Ottoman houses. It is an historical district, absolutely adorable and picturesque.  There were museums and shops and boutique hotels galore.


I found a great shop with handmade goods, tablecloths, blankets, and wool knit items.  I bought a couple of sock booties.  As for authenticity, I haven’t worn them yet because they still smell faintly of sheep. 

Hadrian’s Gate runs through Kaleiçi. It was built in 130 AD when the Emperor Hadrian visited the city.  They built the clear bridge over the original entrance.  It really is amazing.  Underneath you can se the deep ridges worn into the stone from carts going in and out of the city or thousands of years.

067 It is really neat to see  how the city sprung up and wrapped itself around the old Roman ruins.


We were also there for Turkey’s Republic day.  However, that deserves a post all on its own, which is forthcoming.

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