Start the New Year Out Right

With mimosas.  We did.

New Years was great, quiet and wonderful. In Turkey the New Year is a huge celebration, trees are decorated houses draped in garland and big family parties.  Bulent and I went on a date out to a lovely French restaurant.  The food was great and the ambience just gorgeous.  We rang in the New Year with friends and champagne.  The leftovers I then used to make mimosas for breakfast.  Nice way to start the day, or year.

I think I will indulge in the obligatory decade post…As I was trying to write this I realize since I was five my life has been measured through the academic year.  It still is.

2000—I was a junior high school and got my drivers license.

2002— Graduated high school.

2003—Went to college.  Fell in love with “Swells,” made lifelong friends and cemented my feminist ideals.  My grandfather died.

2004—Joined a sexual assault awareness and counseling group.  Now a feminist with a passion for education and prevention of sexual and domestic violence.

2005— Met Bulent. Backpacked around Europe for a month.

2006—Ran the sexual assault awareness and counseling group.  Raised over $20,000 with my friends to bring Alice Sebold, author of the Lovely Bones to campus.  My grandmother and grandfather died.  I moved to San Diego.

2007— Started working at a Charter school for at-risk students.

2008—Continued working at Charter schools in San Diego.

2009—Bulent and I became engaged.  We decided to move to Turkey. Spent six months travelling around Turkey, visited Ephesus, Istanbul, Amasra, Marmaris, and Izmir.  Started learning a new language.

2010—I can’t wait to see what it brings…

1 thought on “Start the New Year Out Right

  1. Some sad times, but a good decade overall! And didn't you actually meet Bulent at the very end of 2004? Can you tell I'm gunning to get our 2005 European backpacking extravaganza as the number one highlight of that year? 😉

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