(Inter)National Delurking Week

Hello!!  It is international delurking week.  That means you lurkers (you know who you are) should drop me a line.

There is a discrepancy between those who I know read my site (Hi Mom!) and the site counter.

I would love to hear from you.  You can do one of three things.  The first: leave a comment and prove your existence

The second: say hello, introduce yourself and make new friends

The third: ignore my desperate plea.


Please, for my vanity—do one of the first two options.

10 thoughts on “(Inter)National Delurking Week

  1. Hello from a lurker! My husband is Turk (from Kastamonu) we live in Missouri for now. I love reading your blog.. we will probably move back there someday (or hopefully to Ankara). I love reading your experiences and it lets me know what I'm in for someday! 🙂 Terri

  2. Hello, I enjoy reading your blog from Texas. My fabulous husband is from Istanbul. Reading your blog validates some of the same feelings that I have in regards to being unable to express myself in turkish, learning the food, and understanding the culture. Its nice to know that there's someone else in a similar situation.

  3. I started reading your blog a couple of months ago. Just wanted to hear an American's perspective on living in Turkey. We have several Turkish friends whom we adore: some here in the US and some in Turkey.

  4. Hi there,I have also started reading your blog couple months ago, I'm Turkish living in Portland, OR with American husband, who is currently living in Istanbul! yes, I know it's a little funny, but it's temporary. I love your enthusiasm about food and your travels, it just tells me coming back to settle will be worth it. Keep writing!

  5. Great idea about de-lurking. I have written several times to your blog- so I guess I don't qualify as an official lurker. Good luck and keep writing!Nomad

  6. Hi! I'm a few (seven!!) months late on this post, but I started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I'm planning on moving to Turkey in 2 months to be with my boyfriend. We'll be near Kusadasi. I'm from MA, so this will be quite the move and I love hearing about your experiences! You also make me laugh out loud with your writing sometimes, which is great. My family is a little freaked out by the idea of my move and sometimes their fear spreads back to me. Thanks for reminding me of the things that I love about Turkey and making me even more excited for my move! Caroline

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