Less Craptastic Than the Last Post–Barely

Oh MY!!  This morning was one for the books.  So last night I ironed a bunch of clothes.  I usually iron in the morning because I am to lazy to iron loads of stuff all at the same time.  But last night, I ironed, which saved me this morning.

So this morning I had a meeting with my boss.  I had prepared and was ready for the meeting.  What I was not prepared for was waking up 10 minutes before the bus came. (In Turkey lots of employers send buses for their employees—I don’t ride with the kids.)   Bulent would not have been able to drive me this morning.  He needed to get to work himself in a different direction.

I brushed my teeth and hair.  Threw on my ironed clothes and dirty socks.  The only ones I could find.  It was taking too long to dig through the sock drawer.  I grabbed some makeup and tossed it in my bag and ran out the door while scrubbing my face with a baby wipe.   Adrenaline and panic are not two of the best morning guests.

Now usually I set two alarms.  I am neurotic about waking up.  I relaxed a little and what happens?  Even though I checked the alarm twice last night it didn’t go off.    If I hadn’t been responsible and ironed last night I would have been out of luck.  In my panic I did forget it is an option to take a taxi.  It would have been a bit pricey, but still an option.  I have to remember that!

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