What The HELL Was I Thinking?

I must have been out of my mind. Our apartment was painted by the school (we did not choose the colors.)  So,  the painters had to finish painting about 20 four-bedroom apartments in two weeks.  T o facilitatie this arbitraty time period we had 13 painters in our place.  Craziness.  So when I came home from work, the white molding was green, the paint was all over the floorboards and the floor length curtains were in piles on the floor.  I argued (in Turksish) with the painters that since they took them down, they should put them back up.  My strongest argument–I don’t own a ladder (Their response, we will lend you ours.)  So after losing the battle I decided, what the hell, since they are all down why not wash them.  WTF! Apparenty they have not been washed, EVER!

Exhibit A:

June 2010 003

Ignore the multiple shampoo bottles and focus on the color of the water.  Black!  And this was the second soaking in hot water and oxi-clean.  After this, I washed them twice with bleach.  They are still a little grey.  I hung them up when they were wet, thinking it would help with the wrinkles.  Sort of.  The chiffon front curtains (I don’t know what they are called) straightened out but the thick back curtains are all wrinkled.

I will never do that again.  The washing, the bleaching, the arms burning from the weight of the wet curtains.  And then they still had to be taken down again and ironed to get the wrinkles out.  What the hell was I thinking?!?!? I have a lovely cleaning lady.  I will have her do it next time.  I will be putting money back into the Turkish economy, someone who needs work will get it, and I will not have to f*cking deal with 15 washer loads of extremely dirty curtains.

* This post is for you Laurie.

1 thought on “What The HELL Was I Thinking?

  1. I'm so glad to see a post! Hope you have time to let us know what is going on with your preparations!Alara keeps asking for you! We miss you!

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