So…I had some work done!

The LASIK has been done!  Now I can see!  All the time!  Well at least now I can.  The first night was a little bit rough.  The doctor said I would have some, “discomfort” “Discomfort” my ASS.  It felt like they had sliced my eyes open and poked around the inside—practically exactly what they did.

My last post about LASIK I was still searching for the perfect eye hospital.  I had been to two and was not satisfied.  It turns out the third hospital was just right.  I went to Turkuaz Göz Merkezi, a boutique eye center in Ankara.  They were great, small but cutting edge.  The doctors were great, the staff support and the treatment impeccable.  They only do the procedure on Friday night.   We were a little concerned at one point because they told Bülent he could not come in and translate for me.  The doctor that handles preliminary testing spoke English, but he was not the one completing the procedure.  The doctor doing my LASIK spoke German and Turkish but not English.  When we told them our concerns, the English speaking doctor promised he would be at my side the entire time translating the operation.  He also made sure there was an English speaking intern with me in the waiting room and the recovery room so that I would not misunderstand the nurses or orderlies who only spoke Turkish.  Overall we were very impressed with our experience, not only the medical procedure, but also the language accommodation they so thoroughly supplied.  Yay for Dr. Fatih Bey!  Whee I can SEEEEEE!

3 thoughts on “So…I had some work done!

  1. Thank you!

    I’ve never been abroad. I live in WA state, but will be spending next summer in Ankara. I’m a little terrified since I’m female and will be traveling/living alone.
    (Christian is my grandson)

    Hope you speak more of real life in Turkey!

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