Oh The Time of The Fig!

We have been vacationing in Marmaris for about a week now (more on that later).  Now, we are here at a delightful time, the TIME OF THE FIG!  There is nothing better and sweeter than a nice juicy ripe fig.  There are trees all over the place here, lining the streets, laden with ripe heavy juicy figs.  The best figs are the ones that look like they have gone bad.  See that one there..

Marmaris JulyAug 2009 156

The bottom has started to split.  It will be soft to the touch and if you gently squeeze it a little drop of juice will start to bulge out.  PERFECT.

Marmaris JulyAug 2009 165

I am eating figs left and right.  Figs with breakfast, figs as a snack, figs with wine in the garden.  They do not sell them out of season, and the ones they ship to Ankara are not as nearly as tasty as the slightly misshapen ones from the garden here.   Oh the figs!

5 thoughts on “Oh The Time of The Fig!

  1. Looks yummy. We are settling for peaches. Yesterday I picked lots. Kathy and Gordon’s large peach tree split and half is on the ground. They may lose it…tree specialist, Gordon’s niece Mary, will determine that when she arrives this week. But we have pie, cobbler, crumble and jam to look forward to, if I hustle. 🙂

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