Feeling Better

The last week weeks I have been fighting colds, coughs and fatigue.  While I am still having sleep issues (Friday night I did not fall asleep until 4:30 a.m., the fatigue is better.  I think a lot of it was coming from my immune system fighting off whatever was around.  This weekend I have been dragging a bit, but that is because I decided to do a Juice Fast.  So Saturday and today I have not been eating anything, but just drinking different homemade juices.  I had a lot of fun researching which juices had more detoxifying effects than others.  I did end the fast tonight with a clear veggie soup.  I just didn’t think it it was practical to juice fast at work, and was concerned that I would not have the energy or patience to deal with 12 year olds otherwise.  Though I probably will have juice for breakfast anyway. 

Bülent and I have actually been juicing for a few weeks, we have had a juicer for a couple of years, but only used it occasionally before now.   I have had just juice for breakfast for at least two weeks now.  I really like it and notice that when I am drinking the green juices in the morning I don’t need as much coffee.  My favorite breakfast juice is apple, carrot, spinach and cucumber.  Really refreshing but not too sweet or caloric.  I will post the recipes later, but of the juices I have made, my least favorite was beet and carrot and my most favorite was tomato and spinach.  Though I have to say the cilantro juice is pretty awesome and I love to throw a chunk of ginger in almost any sweet juice! 


I am totally excited because this week is a two day week.  On Wednesday Kurban Bayram starts and we have six days off, so we are going to Marmaris!  It will be gorgeous!  We have several trips planned in the near future, and I am really looking forward to them.  Though Marmaris is always special because we have our own place there.  It makes it so restful, we don’t need to sightsee or explore, we know the area and can just focus on relaxing!

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