Trip to Datça

The other day the whole family took a trip to the nearby town of Datça.  It is about an hour down the peninsula.  The ride is spectacular, through the mountains with the Aegean on one side and the Mediterranean on the other.  We just wanted a change and to do a little sightseeing.  Datça is harder to get to a much more isolated than Marmaris.  While it does have a tourism trade the town is less built up, with fewer bars, and none of them blasting dance music to attract business.  In our mind this was a big attraction.  There were some lovely natural food stalls, where we bought some yummy raw almonds, organic capers and this lovely treat.

August2011 071

Translated it is “Sugar Almonds.”  It reminded me of a lighter version on peanut brittle with fresh almonds.  Delicious.  After walking about the town, we headed back to the harbor, hungry and thirsty.  One of Datça’s mainstays is fishing, so we had to stop by and grab some fresh fish…and cold beer.

August2011 079

There were quite a few things on the menu, but we saw the sardines get carried off the boat right in front of us, which made it easy to order.  I loved that they fileted each one and removed the head and the spine.  I am not a huge fan of eating bones, even in little fish, and end up spending a lot of time picking them out.

August2011 085

We had a lovely time, and then headed back to our Marmaris…

August2011 066

We spend the night reading with wine and beer in the garden, enjoying those mountain breezes.

Road Trip(s) and Food

We have traveled quite a bit recently.  To Bodrum for our friends’ (from San Diego) Turkish wedding reception.  Then another week we drove to Bulent’s grandmothers in Seferhisar and on the way we visited Bodrum, Kusadasi, Izmir and Cesme.  Bodrum is an adorable Aegean town/city.  It is very developed and has a very busy party scene.  It has a lovely marina that runs the length of the main tourist drag, as well as a historical castle right on the sea and a renowned underwater archeology museum.

Marmaris JulyAug 2009 024

While we were there we had some Lokma, which is cousin to If Jesus was a Baker.  Sweet dough, deep fried then soaked in a sugar syrup. While you eat them, you can actually feel your fat cells expanding.  But very delicious.

Marmaris JulyAug 2009 068 Once we got to Seferhisar our days consisted of visiting with family, eating, swimming and preparing to eat.  Uncle Shadi grilled every night, there were koftes, and veggies and lamb chops and chicken. Marmaris JulyAug 2009 146

Anything that didn’t move fast enough was grilled.  It was tasty.Marmaris JulyAug 2009 136 Here you can see koftes, corban salad, bulgur pilaf, and grilled tomatoes and peppers. That was my plate, I was excited to eat.  Don’t I look happy!

Marmaris JulyAug 2009 138

Also naked!   I would like to state I was not eating dinner topless with Bulent’s grandmother.  Though it may appear as so.

Though in other news I over came  my shyness enough to tan topless in the yard.  Where people saw me.  Yay!