Mini-Moon: Fethiye

On the way to Fethiye!  We decided to drive down through the mountains.  It was an amazing trip though the Taurus Mountain range.   They were steep and craggy, though thankfully there was no snow on the roads.  It was Kurban Bayram, so there were sheep hanging upside down occasionally outside of houses as we drove through villages. 

Vacation 2011B 135

Handsome man and a beautiful view!

Vacation 2011B 145

Ok, so today is less of a blog post and more of Fethiye Photo Porn.  We stayed at a boutique hotel right on the water.  It was great, and the views were awesome.  Off season all those swank hotels are very reasonable.  We had a blast! The night before we walked along the water, had dinner at a fish restaurant and took a taxi back because I was too cold to take one more step

Vacation 2011B 155

The bay was full of boats of all sizes.   In the morning we had breakfast overlooking the water and then had a walk along the marina. 

Vacation 2011B 163

After, we hopped in the car, and headed down the coast to Kalkan…