Another Flat Jules Sighting!

Every year there is a 5k race at our town’s Old Home Day. When I went home in June my mom asked me if we could  train for it and run it together. We thought it was going to be in early August. Unfortunately, the race took place after I left for Turkey. My mother and I still trained for it all summer. My mother rocked that race and ran it in a little over 30 minutes. While I was not there in person, I supported her by doing my own 5k run in Marmaris that day.  I was a little disappointed to not make the race with her.

However, my Dad had a great idea… Flat Jules also made an appearance! After the Wellesley Reunion, my BFF from college mailed her to me, signed by all of my friends.  So my parents cajoled Flat Jules down from her room in the attic for some photos with my mom after the race.


My mom graciously shared her race number with Flat Jules!


While we did not run the race together, we did have a great time training together this summer.  It also gave me a great new outlet for stress and a new hobby.  I have run almost every day since I have returned to Turkey, around the track in Ankara and by the sea in Marmaris.   Maybe next year we will do another 5k together!

Wellesley Reunion! It’s like returning to the womb!

This weekend was Wellesley College’s reunion weekend. Every year the first weekend in June Wellesley alums swarm the campus and return to the mothership.  Wellesley the bastion of feminism and sisterhood.  I loved my time at Wellesley, the stimulating classes, the independence, the amazing people I create lifelong friendships with.  Since I could not go, here is an homage to Wellesley!


There were popped collars and fur hats and impromptu mall runs…


Trips through Europe where we stayed in co-ed hostels, had lockers fall on us and were attacked by pirates.  We were so fabulous that since it was cold we would tie our bread and cheese in bags and hang it outside the window to stay fresh.


Beginning of Senior year…


There were hugs and tears and boys and girls and break ups and new relationships.


There was wrestling in Tower Courtyard.

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 05 13.31

There was hoop rolling by Lake Waban…


There were mini-reunions in Phoenix and San Diego…

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 05 13.28

Mini-reunions in San Francisco

January 2009 021

They are the friends that fly in all over for your wedding.  Who come back early from countries like Japan, who drive up a week early to help your family organize your wedding.


My friends knew I was disappointed I could not go to the Wellesley Reunion so they included me in their celebrations.  My friend Kate printed out a photo of my face and brought me along to the reunion.

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 05 13.30

Flat Jules as they called her, had an amazing time at Reunion.

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 05 13.30

With friends as wonderful and thoughtful as them it is no wonder that many of my best memories take place on Wellesley’s campus or with the people I met there.