Life as it is …

Life is progressing here in Turkey.  I finally feel as if we are settling in.  We have bought a car. We have recovered from H1N1.  Life is good.

Last night to celebrate our auto purchase we went out to an Asian restaurant for dinner.  Turkey is still new to ethnic food, and sometimes restaurants which serve such food can be hit or miss.  Mostly miss.  However, we have been to this particular restaurant before and it is ALWAYS good.  Not only is the food fantastic but the service is wonderful.  The assistant manager recognized us when we came in, so we received amazing service, such as complimentary jasmine tea and extra tidbits.  But the kicker is the left-overs.

I ordered Pad Thai with Shrimp (that is the other lovely thing about this restaurant-they have Chinese, Japanese and Thai food).  It was a large serving, but I was starving.  I ate about 2/3rds but didn’t want to stuff myself.  I asked them to pack up what was left over, it wasn’t a meal but it would be a nice snack.  A little later the assistant manager came over with the package.  He apologized, they had thrown out my leftovers by accident.  So he had them cook me a WHOLE new order, and that was what he was sending home.  He was apologizing because it took longer.

How wonderful is that!  It is pretty typical that in the service industry people go out of their way to be helpful and pleasant.  That is one difference between the US and Turkey.  People are proud of the establishment they work in, from the busboy to the waiters.  They consider the restaurant their territory and extend you, their guests, every hospitality they can.  They couldn’t be nicer, even if you were a guest in their own home.  This changes the experience in a restaurant significantly.   I had a lovely lunch of Pad Thai today, and very much appreciated the manager’s kindness.

My Excuse for Not Blogging

I have not been writing lately.  As usual I have an excuse.  I have been sick.  I developed a fever in Antalya which morphed into nightly fevers and a nasty cough.  Some of the kids in the first row of my classes started donning masks.  Seriously.  The doctor prescribed two days of rest, so I do not have to get up and function normally tomorrow.  This made me have tears of gladness, I have lost m voice on and off for the past two weeks and alternate between wounding like a person on their deathbed and someone who has smoked unfiltered cigarettes for 50 years (neither is ideal.)  Do you know how children act when you can not raise your voice?  Soft whispers do not encourage discipline. 

I will be fine in a day or two, and I always like to look on the positive side.  I have not wanted to eat alot, and mostly have been eating yogurt, so I lost a couple of pounds.  I also have been coughing so much that I am developing a 6 pack. It helps distract me from the feeling my muscles are ripping apart. That is called an Ouchie Booboo.