I Set The Kitchen On Fire. AGAIN.

A few weekends ago I went to the pazar and bought this cute chai demlik (2 part Turkish tea pot) to replace the stainless steel monstrosity that came with our apartment.   I was so proud of myself.  I have learned enough Turkish to argue.  Also I have learned enough about the bargaining culture to actually be able to get a good deal even though I am a foreigner. (Foreigners usually get ripped off.)  I was able to bargain down a third of the price!   I was so happy, a good deal and the pot was adorable.   I had been using it to heat water for Nescafe, but hadn’t actually brewed Turkish tea in it.  You have to brew Turkish tea for a half an hour. Apparently my new chai demlik couldn’t handle the heat.  After a while I smelled something funny.  It was my tea pot melting.  When I got into the kitchen the handle had melted off and was in a pool on the range—On Fire.

Thankfully it was easy to put it out, and it was my kitchen.  It is always awkward when you set someone else’s kitchen on fire.


Poor sweet thing. It did not deserve to end this way.