Easter and Daylight Savings

This morning I am sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee, with only a light sweatshirt on. Spring is definitely here! It was beautiful yesterday too, around 65. So we invited friends to walk with us an Eymir Gölü. We walked around lake, about 10k, and stopped at Bağ Evi to have a bite of lunch. Unfortunately they no longer serve beer (as is becoming more common here) so instead we got a samovar of tea and had fresh gözleme.

Today was Daylight Savings.  I always hate too lose an hour, and it puts us ahead of the U.S. by seven hours again, instead of six.  That one hour really makes a difference. 

Today is also Easter.  Happy Easter!  I know there are people in my building who are celebrating it at their church, but as a non-believer I passed on the invitation.  However, it seems strange not at least to do Easter Brunch.  It is funny to find how culturally ingrained holidays are, even if you aren’t religious.  I made hot cross buns the other day.  It seemed seasonally appropriate.  However, the next time I make them I will forgo the icing on top and rather than making buns, will use the though to make a loaf of bread.  I think it will be very tasty sliced and toasted.  I will be tweaking the recipe and posting it soon. 

Happy Spring!  Happy Easter!  Happy Nevruz!


The weather has been strange this winter in Ankara.  It seems to go back and forth between cold and spring-like weather.   Today, the sun is shining bright, the weather is lovely and it looks like the trees are budding. 

Not that I would know.  I have been trapped inside with a nasty cold.  I am planning to be fully recovered by tomorrow.  I have been hacking and sniffling since Wednesday…Enough is enough!

I am really excited for spring.  I can wait to get flowers for the window boxes on the balcony.  This year I also have some nasturtium seeds to plant to climb on the railings  I have already started basil and thyme inside, as well as cilantro and mustard greens. 

3.2.13 plants2

I started some chives I started a few months ago, but  I  have to say, they have been really struggling.  I am sure they will like going out on the balcony again and having some more sunlight.    On the positive side—my tulip bulbs are blooming which makes the apartment seem  nice and cheery! 

I do not have a green thumb, but am trying to practice, so when we have a yard it does not look like a barren wasteland!

3.2.13 Plants1