Getting Ready!

My parents have a very old home.  About 150 years old.  They have been working on it for years.  Each year they tackle a problem or redo a room.  Well, the wedding gave them a little more momentum.  Since I was home last January they have redone..

The upstairs bathroom, the downstairs bathroom and the entire kitchen.  They have also repapered all the walls downstairs and many of them upstairs and refinished most of the floors. They do most of the manual labor themselves, though my strapping younger brother did alot of the heavy stuff.  Better Homes and Gardens meet This Old House.  I am seriously impressed.

So now we are working on the outside.  There has been a heat wave lately so outside work means lots of sweating, swearing and water breaks. So while my brother was on a ladder painting the house (he should get a medal!), I was pulling weeds from flower beds.  I need to be careful not to get tan line because of my strapless wedding dress, thus this fetching ensemble…

073Obviously I am totally glammed up for the wedding!


I will be posting as often as possible, though coverage may be sporadic.  I am at my parents home in New Hampshire, hanging out, visiting family, and prepping for the upcoming wedding…Mine!

Moms camers 030 So in between the bachelorette party, (this weekend),Bülent flying in (next week) my bridal shower, (next weekend) and the wedding (the weekend after) I may be fairly busy.   I will try my best though.  I have some awesome food photos coming so be on the watch.  Happy Fourth!


Tired and Excited

This morning, at scary early hour I will be heading to the States on my semester break. I cannot wait!

This week has been incredibly busy.  The end of the semester grading period just finished.  Along with the fun came lots of grading and paperwork.

On top of that my cousin and her husband came to visit Ankara.  They were in Germany and decided to pop over. It was a blast.  We had foodapalooza, hit up kebab houses, bakeries and cafes. We literally stuffed our faces, and it was great.  From Ankara they are touring Istanbul and sound like they are having a great time.

I am really excited to be going home, though pretty tired, and it is not going to get better soon as I have about 20 hours of travel ahead of me.

In less than a day, I will be seeing my family!  Wheee!  Updates on food and family will be coming are forthcoming.