It’s been a while!

I had hoped to keep blogging when I moved back to the U.S.  It’s obvious that it didn’t work out. I was too absorbed in living my life, instead of being an observer, to keep writing.  Many things have happened since.  I continued working for my non-profit, my career advanced, I made new friends and found a new community.  I have lived life to the fullest in Austin, taking advantage of the weather and live music and generally had a blast! I also got pregnant, had a baby, traveled for work, and continue to take advantage of the amazing city in which I live, with one more person in tow.

And now I am back! Four years after we left Turkey, we have returned for a visit.  It has been fascinating to be back in Turkey.  It simultaneously feels the same and different. While I missed some things, in others I am reminded why we wanted to move back to to the U.S.  While I am here, I hope to have a chance to blog about it.  This is one of the things, from my time in Turkey, I have missed.

Trying Again

As some of you may know, I have another completely uninspired blog. Well,I am trying again, starting fresh. I am hoping to post more as my life is taking some interesting turns. Soon (date to be determined) I will be going to Turkey with Bulent. I will be leaving in early spring, spending some time visiting family on the East Coast ending up in Turkey. There will be challenges, and as the up tight perfectionist from the East Coast there will be some culture shock, also living life casually, meaning no firm set long term plan will be…interesting to say the least. Here is to living life by the seat of my pants.