A place to call home

I have been getting phone calls and emails from people… many of them somewhat incredulous. It is true that I am going to Turkey for a while, to visit the country, not the bird. We will be staying in Bulent’s sister’s home and using her car, thanks to her incredible generosity. To answer the many questions I have recieved I posted photos of the house and car, as well as some picture of Bulent’s grandmother’s summer house. The house we will be staying in is a brand new three story condo with a rooftop terrace. We will be able to use his parents summer house which is in Marmaris about a half a mile to the sea. We will also be visiting his grandmother in her summer home which is about 20 miles from Izmir.

I am getting very excited about trip, I finally am going to get to spend some extended time traveling!

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