Oh the internet!!!!

Hello! It has been a while since I posted. When we were in NH there was a ton of visiting. We saw all the family, both sides. Which means Bulent met all of them. And survived. And now it is my turn. We arrived in Turkey last Wednesday, and settled into our apartment. The apartment is great, in a nice neighborhood, beautifully furnished, and a fully stocked fridge. Bulent’s parents have been wonderful. I met his whole family at a dinner at his mother’s on Saturday. Everyone was extremely kind; his family was so excited to meet me and very kind. So on to the next chapter…THE FOOD! The food is really good, really, really good. We have been eating “home cooking” mostly. There is a huge difference between food you eat in the home and food available in restaurants. So far we have been eating a lot of soups and stews, very tasty. We have gone out to fulfill one of Bulent’s cravings. It is called Kokoreç, it is skewered seasoned lamb intestines. It is cooked kind of like gyros, on a rotisserie. It is then chopped up cooked on a griddle and served with thyme and cumin on fresh bread in a sandwich. It is usually accompanied by Aryan, a drink made of yogurt and water, served cold. As long as you don’t think about what it is while you eat it, it is very tasty. A little chewy, but tasty.

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