Example of Niceness

Bulent’s family is so NICE! I mean, really really nice. Lets take yesterday as an example. In the middle of the night I woke up throwing up. Then it went from bad to worse and not to make it too specific, but the other end. So I was thoroughly sick yesterday. In the morning Bulent called him mom to ask for advice, what should he do, feed me, give me etc. She immediately offered to come over and nurse me. I decided against it because I prefer to be miserable without an audience, also I did not want to knock her down in my mad dashes to the bathroom. That would be hard to live down. So two minutes after we talk to her we received a call from Bulent’s dad. He wanted to check on me and also mention that if I was really sick he would send and ambulance. It was just a 24 hour bug, but incredibly sweet. Two minutes after that we received a call from Bulent’s Uncle H who is a doctor. I was required to describe my symptoms in embarrassing detail to a man I had just met the other night. He then prescribed a course of action and told us to call him immediately if anything changed. Then THROUGHOUT the day we received phone calls from his mom, his dad, his Aunt F and Uncle O, and Uncle H, to check on how I was doing, offer advice and support. For a stomach bug. Very sweet. I am also not worried about any healthcare related issues now. If there was every something seriously wrong, I would be whisked away, given care and then nursed back to health.

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