More Food.

I have been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, TFP aka The Food Pornographer, to post more of the foods I eat.

Reason one, they are incredibly delicious! Reason two, the food here is different from the food back home and it might be nice for people to see how it varies. Reason three, the aesthetics. I believe I am a fairly good cook, and even a good hostess. I set the table nicely, and arrange the food semi artistically, well, the food is presented in some way, not just slapped onto a plate like prison sludge. However, my food and presentation has Nothing, Nothing on the aesthetics slammed out on a regular basis by the hostesses here.

Example A:

His mother’s table. This is not a special occasion setting. This is how it looks anytime we eat over. The color scheme changes depending on the dining mat colors, which match the napkins. I had to go out and buy a table cloth for Thanksgiving.

Example B:

Salad. In my house salad usually accompanied by dressing, some tomatoes or apples on top, certainly attractive. Nothing like this salad, which kicks my salad’s ass. Once again, not a special occasion, just aesthetically pleasing.

Example C:

When serving a pasta dish of some sort I would make sure it looks nice, then serve it family style. Looks good at first and then by the time it is on the plate the visual is gone. Here each plate is dressed accordingly, and looks as good as the first. Below is Manti, a delicate meat ravioli, covered in a garlic yogurt sauce onto which a red pepper sauce is drizzled. mmmmmm

PS. I am going to the gym on a regular basis. I really am.

1 thought on “More Food.

  1. ummmmmm, I LOVE the food pictures. you are a woman after my own heart. don’t worry about the gym. you will have plenty of time to diet in America. That is what we do best.

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