I’m Sorry!

I’ve been distracted, by many things, but I should be better soon. AKA this GRE bitch that has been riding my ass will be over. Lets hope it goes well. So that is next Monday. So let me give you a peek to what I have been up to…
I will call it Goodness Incarnate, or If Jesus Was A Baker!

Otherwise know as Tulumba. For those whose don’t know what If Jesus Was A Baker is, it is an amazing pastry that is deep fried then soaked in a sugar syrup, then served while it is still crispy. It is amazing. It is practically juicy with the syrup on the inside and still crispy on the outside. Because I am not working, therefore do not have money to buy clothes in the next size up I am planning to avoid the sight of these incredible things. So if you see me in Turkey and I am twitching and gazing around in a strange manner it means there is probably Tulumba in the vicinity and in self preservation I am avoiding it.

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