Us 0 – Mercutio 1

There is a plague on this house. While we do not have the swine flu, we are getting the immunological shit kicked out of us. Bülent is still getting fevers every night (as I am but lower grade) and is extremely fatigued. I also had a sore throat. As of last night I would compare it more to shards of glass embedded in my flesh with fresh lemon juice being poured on. So we went to the doctor today, Bülent’s uncle. It was so convenient, we had blood tests run, and had the lab results within 15 minutes. It was amazing. He also looked at my throat, and though my Turkish isn’t fluent, I am pretty sure I heard him say “My God!” Then he patted my face and gave me a kiss on the cheek for good measure. Apparently my throat was pretty fancy because he call Bülent over to look at it it. And then before was left he looked at it again, and there was more face patting. So we are both on antibiotics and in general kind of a mess.

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