Us 0- Mercutio 2: The Plague Continues

The Plague now has an official name: Pneumonia. I have escaped with the broken glass with bleach poured on sore throat which responded beautifully to antibiotics. Barely any discomfort anymore, I am just tired. Bülent on the other hand has been hit hard. He has been on antibiotics for a week and a half and still gets fevers every night, is extremely fatigued, coughing and sputtering. AND SWEATING. Granted, this man normally puts out heat like a furnace at night. However, this is ridiculous, and a little scary. He sweats SO much at night I am afraid when I wake up he will look like a wizened piece of beef jerky. Last night he went to bed earlier than I did, so when I went to bed an checked on him, everything was soaking wet. He got up to get some water ( to replenish the gallon he had lost) and I actually changed the sheets and blankets. The saddest thing was that his pillow was also damp, so I went to flip it over (don’t judge, it was 2 am) and the other side was already wet! Tomorrow he is going to get some chest x-rays just to make sure everthing is healing. But for now I am making sure that he drinks lots of water during the day so that in the morning I do not wake up next to a man that I could break over my knee like driftwood.

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