I was cruising the Internet and found an interesting blog. I love reading blogs because they are so diverse, the thoughts and perusing of individuals whose only similarity could be their use of their Internet. So many posting are inspired by daily life, and through that you see how people really do cherish so many of the same things, like family, love, politics, relationships. Maybe not in the same way, some with wit and irreverence, others with an earnestness that makes you cringe. The reason these strangers blogs are interesting to me is that we are all a part of the fabric of humanity. We are the threads that are woven in, some us us my be threadbare, or vibrant or even knotted, but we all create a whole together.

That is what I was reminded of when I read this blog by Tangobaby. In a split second, instead of walking by, of shaking her head, keeping her eyes focused on the sidewalk, she made a difference. An enormous one. One that has snowballed. A woman and her three children now are not hungry, or cold. They have received donations and help. Emotional support. This woman escaped violence only to trade it for fear. The fear her children may go hungry, may be cold, scared, and not have shelter. Go to Tangobaby’s blog and read her words. Help if you can. She has made an enormous difference in this one family’s life. Others as well, I dare say, due to the political turmoil she is stirring up. To change things, to make things better, you don’t need to be heroic. Check out my friend Coltempo, who proves that PB&J can be compassionate.

The first step is eye contact, the rest is just figuring out how closely woven you are to the other in the fabric of humanity.

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