A Little Different

As you can see, things are changing. I decided to get a little more on top of my blog (and give it a real name). In a few days I will be moving to a new domain, though don’t worry, you will still be able to get here through the old address. I know you were petrified. It has been quiet today. I am pretty much well, and had my last antibiotic. You know what that means… My liver can now handle wine! Yay! Bülent is still off the liquor because of his heavy duty meds. He is a little bummed about it, as he just got back from a alcohol free stint in the military barracks. We wanted to go out and, “paint the town red,” so to speak. But not at the expense of our livers. So now I am safe, but he is not. Technically I would not be “drinking alone,” just be the only one drinking, which has an entirely different connotation. Off the the fridge I go!

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