Mother’s Day Brunch

While my own mother is on a different continent far away, this is what she would have enjoyed had we been less than 6000 miles apart. Instead I made this for Bülent’s mother and grandmother. The menu was as follows:
Broccoli and Feta Quiche

Instead of pie crust I used Yufka, a savory fillo type product that is used to make böreks.

French Toast with Strawberry Syrup

I had to make the syrup because Maple Syrup is not commercially available.
I used about a pound of strawberries, pureed and boiled down with sugar, fresh orange juice and orange rind, which gave it a nice bright flavor. Credit to Emeril Lagasse for the recipe.
Fruit Salad

Simit and Poğaça
Cheese Plate and
Tomato and Cucumber plate (Traditional Turkish accouterment)

I did send my mother some tulips and a card. I am not a completely horrible daughter (unless you count the fact that I have moved so far away). And thanks to Skype we had a nice chat.

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