He Loves Me….Hardcore

And here is the proof:

I know he asked me to marry him. He loves me immensely and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Also, he gave me a very elegant engagement ring and ever so properly asked my parents first. However, the other day we went makeup shopping for his cousin’s wedding. This may sound simple. But it is not.

First off, we went to the biggest mall in town, which was packed with people. This is a man who dislikes going to a grocery store when it is open, because of the people. He would prefer to have dental surgery, without anesthesia. So we braved the mall, found the makeup store, and had my makeup done, for forty minutes. In case you didn’t know, I don’t speak Turkish. I sat on my chair while the ladies did my makeup, commenting on the color scheme, making suggestions. He sat next to me, translating their comments and suggestions to me, and then my answers to them. We ran into some trouble because he did not know the Turkish words for eye shadow or eyeliner, but it was quickly figured out. And then we came home with a color scheme. And the terms for make up in his native language.

3 thoughts on “He Loves Me….Hardcore

  1. that is love! my friend jen and i were in sephora this past weekend with pete and he lasted about .2 minutes before wandering out and toward the bookstore. couldn’t take all of that female-ness, i guess.

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