RIP:Dog Watching

Butterfinger, our Norwich Terrier, used to sit on the window sill to watch the dogs and passersby.  She loved it.  Sometimes she barked, but mostly she just made us feel guilty enough to take her for another walk.


From now on there will be no more dog watching for her.  We have moved and our new apartment does not have a good “viewing” ledge.  Butterfinger will just have do make do with frequent walks and oodles of space to make up for her window sill. 

3 thoughts on “RIP:Dog Watching

  1. OMG. When I read the title of this post starting with RIP I braced myself for upset! I thought something had happened to your puppy. Don't scare me like that!!!sorry.Have you seen those little platforms that you can clip on to a windowsill to create a ledge? They are made for cats but Butterfinger doesn't look that heavy. Maybe that would let him look out the window at least even if there wouldn't be a great view of passing dogs.

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