Parties Are Supposed To Be Fun!

Unless you are planning them.  So this is to be my first big party, ever.  I have hosted large dinner parties, but not full scale bashes.  I am slightly nervous about it.  Part of it is that I don’t know everyone will fit in the apartment, also I am hoping that many people will come.  It is also less common (meaning not at all) to use disposable plates or cups.   Which is great for the environment, but not great for me.  We only have the dishes that my school provided with the apartment.  That means I have two dinner plates, four dessert plates, three soup bowls ( I already broke the 4th) and two wine glasses.  Unless I buy some disposable plates and cups, the people will just have to look at the drinks, or swig out of the bottle.  Which could be fun.

I have brought the American tradition of potluck to the party aka I can’t afford to feed and liquor forty people.  I will be attempting to make eggnog, cookies and mulled wine(Thanks Barbara) as base items on the buffet. Perhaps their will even be some pizza on the horizon.  Please suggest easy to make apps and desserts or magical hosting tips!

4 thoughts on “Parties Are Supposed To Be Fun!

  1. I always think of it this way. If people want to have a good time, then the details- food, etc. are not so important. So making sure the RIGHT people are there is a key factor. The right people- as snobbish as that sounds- only means people who like to talk and to listen and a nice mix of genders and foreign/Turk ratio. Turks often like to sing and every Turk knows in his/her heart that he/she could have been a pop star. So be sure to have that available. I've had some great parties and some lousy ones. The worst part of having even a great party is it is so hard to be totally comfortable at your own party!

  2. I agree with Nomad, which is why he is coming to my party! ;)I think your idea is a good one: make a "house" drink (either eggnog or mulled wine, or both), have a bunch of cookies available, and put together a pretty cheese tray with kasar, beyaz, parmesan, and/or gouda with grapes and good honey, and you're really all set for whatever else people will bring!I always plan only make-ahead appetizers so that I can put everything out before the party starts, make a martini and then relax. And then the only thing I have to worry about is people spilling red wine on my Turkish carpets…which reminds me that I should probably roll those up! 🙂

  3. Remember…not to worry…do not vacuum or clean beforhand too much (only tidy… soon as half a dozen guests arrive they will only see each other and pay no attention to your housekeeping.The food is memorable. If you truly want an easy night, get a "kitchen witch" :-)xo

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