Home At Last

I just love visiting home!  Though when you have only a few short visits a year it tends to be less a vacation and more like a marathon.   I flew into to Boston, and then drove directly to my grandmothers house.  We had a nice visit before I crashed from from only having 2 hours of sleep in the previous 24.  The next morning I woke up bright and early (because my internal time clock is 7 hours faster then EST.)  My parents and I hopped in the car and drove down to NYC to visit my aunt and cousin.  It was whirlwind and a blast.  I also scored an awesome wedding gown in NYC for the coming nuptials.  Then off to New Hampshire.

So breakdown of travels…

Saturday Turkey to Boston

Sunday Boston to NYC

Monday NYC to New Hampshire

I am still exhausted.  But having tons of fun.  This afternoon I will be driving to Boston to have a visit with my brother, who is awesome and super cool.  Saturday there is a big party at my grandmothers house because my mother is a genius and thought it would be easier to have a party for everyone who wants to to visit with me than for me to make individual visits to each and every person.  Then I will be back in NH trying to schedule visits with friends.  Also buying bulk of things like vanilla extract and Burt’s Bees lip balm to bring with me back to Turkey.

6 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Hello,I stumbled upon your blog and have not been able to stop reading it. I love it. My husband is Turkish (from Soke) and I met him in Kusadasi on my travels. Fell in love and moved to Kusadasi to live with him for three years. We got married, had our wonderful daughter. We decided to give the US a try and have been living here for almost two years. We really want to move back. The USA is nice to visit but I think Turkey is where we really want to be.But anyway, just wanted to tell you I love your blog and it makes me feel homesick.

  2. It IS weird how going TO the US gives you so much energy while coming back to Turkey you feel like wilted lettuce for about a week. Glad to have you back.

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  4. Hi Jamie,Welcome to Far From the Sticks! I am so glad you are enjoying it. I have been to Kusadasi, it is BEAUTIFUL. Where are you in the states now? Jules

  5. Currently, I live in Augusta, GA but spent most of my life in upstate NY or Vermont. So, I am northern at heart. Kusadasi is beautiful but Ankara is amazing. My husband and I went to Ankara a couple of times for stuff at the US embassy and we had a blast there. Really of Turkey is awesome!

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