I Love the Pazar!

Pazars are great. They are the open air markets that sell fruits, veggies and household stuff like slippers, pots and pans, etc.  There is a large one I got to on Sundays, however I saw a smaller one today in a different neighborhood.  Pazars are not normally mid-week so I decided to stop by.

This pazar is smaller and has fewer choices, but because there is less traffic since it is on a Wednesday instead of the weekend the prices are a bit lower. pazar

3 loaves (or pieces) of bazlama bread, a huge bunch of mint, a giant head of lettuce, a large head of mesculin, a bunch of parsley and a kilo of Ankara pears.   All of this cost 8  lira, or $5.   A super bargain.  I wall be going back to that market for fresh greens, especially since it is so nice and quiet.

A note: I just discovered fresh bazlama bread at the pazars.  It is now my favorite food.  It is so soft and fresh, kind of like a chewy English muffin.  I will endeavor to start making it myself soon.  Though, for one lira for 3 pieces it may be cheaper just to buy it.

1 thought on “I Love the Pazar!

  1. It is the highlight of my week to wander through the farmer's market with my old man hand cart. You can save so much money too. Sundays can be a nightmare because so many people just don't know how to walk in Turkey, it seems. So Wednesdays is a great idea. I can spend about 20 TL and have fresh fruit and vegetables all week. In fact, I really have to concentrate of making meals with less meat and more vegetables in order to use them all before they go bad. THAT can't be a bad thing.

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