Döner at Özçelik Aspava

Ridiculous!  I have posted about their döner before, but I feel it needs to be done again.

We ordered döner, the rest you see is complimentary.

Mixed green salad, with a pomegranate molasses dressing.


Fresh French Fries with a homemade tomato sauce.


Cacık with sumac and mint on top.


And the pièce de résistance : Döner.  I had already had a bite before I took this photo.  I couldn’t wait!


The money shot, thinly sliced which had been roasted on a rotating spit.  Served with homemade tomato sauce and sliced onions rolled in a fresh soft lavaş.


This is my favorite place to eat in Ankara.

4 thoughts on “Döner at Özçelik Aspava

  1. Thanks for posting about this place.. I specifically went to the city today to find this place.. The food was so good. Your comment about this place being ridiculous is so on the mark! Expat^Square

  2. what does it mean aspava
    a-allah (allah)
    s-sihat (health)
    p-para (money)
    a-ask (love)
    v-versin (could give)
    a-amin (amen)

    allah could give health, money, love; amen !

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