Fig Compote

I love fruit pancakes, and they are a great way to use fruit that is getting a little soft. Right now in Turkey it is fig season. Fresh figs should almost look too soft to eat. Stay away from the firm ones. The ones that are starting to split at the bottom and have a tiny glistening drop emerging from the star shaped fissure are perfectly ripe. But, since they often get ripe all at the same time, you may have too many and they can get mushy on you. While I love a soft fig, mushy is not my thing! Also in Turkey it is difficult to get maple syrup, so I am always looking for alternatives, and this compote works well.

Fresh Fig Compote

1-1 1/2 cups of over-ripe figs (they are the sweetest)
1 tsp lemon juice
1/4 cup of water
Roughly chop soft over-ripened figs, put in saucepan with lemon juice and water. Boil down while pancakes are cooking. If needed add more water, or boil down longer to desired consistency. I like my chunky, but you could mash it if you would like it smoother.
Drizzle anywhere you please…pancakes, yogurt, ice-cream—use your imagination!

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