We have a Blizzard!

There is SO much snow here!  Ankara does get some snow, but usually not more than a couple inches at a times.   Yesterday morning I woke up and there were a few inches of snow on the ground and it was snowing very hard.  I thought “SNOW DAY!”  But no such luck.  We still had work.  However, it was difficult to get home.  The bus driver asked us to sit over the tires…not a good sign!  There were plows out but there was just no way they could keep up with the volume of snow.  A 15 minute drive took about one and a half hours.  The major highway was like a skating rink.  The travel was made slower by those poor souls who had to abandon their cars on the side of the road after they could not coax them any farther.  I was honestly worried the bus would slide off the road several miles from our home.  While the bus was supposed to take us within a couple blocks of our home, there was no way it could.  To get home there was an uphill ramp and there were cars scattered all over it in all direction, like matchbox cars.  So we were dropped off about 3/4 of a mile from our apartment.  While we all had (dress) winter coats, coming from work we were not dressed for a trek through a blizzard-no hats or gloves.  I was the only one with a scarf.    We managed, and as we walked home through the dark neighborhoods we realized that the power must be out as well.  Finally we got to our building and were very relieved.  Not only were we home and safe, but our building has a generator… and it was working.  Our building was the only one on the street with lights on.

It has been snowing all night.  It is still snowing.

This morning they did cancel school.

Snow Day!


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