LASIK Shout Out!

Traditionally after the wedding the bride and groom exchange gifts.  Or so I was told.  So for my gift, my new beloved husband told me he would finance my LASIK surgery.  YAY!  My eyes are horribly myopic, around –3.75 plus astigmatism.  His gift was perfect.  We both can’t wait.  However, since it is my EYES and if we mess it up there could be serious complications, we have proceeded cautiously.

Hospital #1: Super Shiny!  Clean and New!  Expensive and commercial.  We felt that they did not care about safety as much as money.  They wanted to give me LASIK after only one week of not wearing contacts.  I have been wearing soft contacts for 10 years, seven days a week, 15-18 hours a day.

Hospital #2:  Our new doctor is SUPER conservative.  Maybe too much!  He saw me (after not wearing contacts for two weeks) and said at least one month later.  So today I go in—after not wearing contacts for six weeks.  (Side note:  I hate wearing glasses) He wants to wait six more months of no contacts before the surgery.  That seems excessive to me—what about you?  All the research I have done says that before LASIK you cannot wear soft contacts for two weeks, toric for a month and hard lenses for a month for every decade you wore them!   Am I mistaken?  I really don’t want to wear glasses for six more months if I don’t have to, but I also don’t want to ruin my eyesight.

Any suggestions?

We are going to Hospital #3 tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “LASIK Shout Out!

  1. I went to a fancy eye hospital here and everything was grand. I had only gone for an eye exam because my prescription was old and I was feeling eye strain. So, the doctor took that moment to pitch LASIK to me and I was indeed interested. (The cost sort of blew me away, at first.) He opened up a PowerPoint which was undoubtedly NOT made for the patient but for other doctors. It was excessively graphic and, after that, I think I felt all pale and clammy and gave up on the idea.
    I suspect that someday I will return to the idea but for me they’ll have to work on their sales pitch a bit because frankly there are things I don’t want to know.
    In my opinion, a conservative doc is the way to go. This isn’t a pedicure but your eyes and if they screw it up- yeah, I know, it’s unlikely- but if they do, let’s just say, it’s going to be a BIG change in your lifestyle. Good luck and let’s hear more about how it went.

  2. I thought you looked a little different. Glasses huh? I thought maybe they were just a new pair! I’m so not observant. You look great in them btw.

    Hospital #3. You have to keep looking. Definitely.

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