2nd Year!

366 days ago I got married.  Today is the 1st day of my second year of marriage!  (Which means yesterday was my 1st anniversary-but I couldn’t post since I had to finish a paper for my Masters)

My husband is actually in Turkey, and I am in NH—So we did not celebrate this anniversary in person together.   We had a romantic dinner before he left for Turkey, and a Skype yesterday.  When I get back we will do something on the date of our Turkish reception as well.

It seems crazy that I have been married a year. But crazy in a good way.  Like Crazy Awesome!  Living with your BFF who also happens to be your lover is a great way to spend your life.


He makes life exciting.  He whisks me away for romantic weekends and is always on the look out for things I will enjoy.  He knows when I am having a bad day and pre-orders take out for us.  He holds me when I cry and and when I laugh.


I want nothing more than many more decades with this man, on our own adventures.

Happy Anniversary  Şekerkalbim!

4 thoughts on “2nd Year!

  1. Happy Anniversary my friend! Baris and I miss you! We also celebrated our first anniversary via skype. The “makeup” anniversary is definitely something to which you should look forward. Love to your family and I look forward to being reunited with you!

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