In Turkey brown road signs signify historical sites.  Bulent and I have a dream where one day we can take a road trip and follow every brown historical road sign that tickles our fancy.  Well, when we were in Marmaris we were able to do just that, which lead us to the Ancient city of Amos, situated on Asarcık hill, above Kumlubük bay, near the town of Turunç.

August2011 004

To reach the ancient city, walk through the fragrant olive trees…

August2011 006

Climb up to the top of Asarcık hill…

August2011 044

Past the ruins of the city walls…August2011 015

To where the city overlooks the sea on three sides, built on top of a spit of land protruding into the bay…

August2011 028

There are several sections of ruins of up the hill, including some residential areas, an amphitheater, and the walls of the ancient citadel.

August2011 019

We had a great time following the brown historical road sign, and hope that there are many more in the future.

August2011 013

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